Ki Sports Class

Mind and Body Coordination

We've all experienced mind and body coordination. Ever have a day when everything's going well, and everything comes easily? That's a time when you were coordinating mind and body. We've also had the opposite--days where nothing works, and nothing goes well. That's a time when we weren't coordinating mind and body.

We've all seen other people coordinating mind and body. In Olympic sports or watching pro teams play, we've seen players who were "on". That focus and concentration is mind and body coordination--using everything together.

Actors, musicians, dancers all use mind and body coordination. It's called stage presence.

It can take professionals many years to learn to coordinate mind and body when they perform. In our classes, we teach everyone how to coordinate mind and body at will. It still takes practice, but we can help with that.

How to Coordinate Mind and Body in Sports

This class is designed to teach children how to concentrate, how to relax without losing power, how to maintain good posture, and how to approach challenges with a positive outlook. During light exercises, they learn that strength in sports is a matter of strength of mind and application of universal principles.

We will work on:

Grades 3-12

Saturdays 1:00--2:00, June 20 -- August 29

No class July 4 and July 25

Please show up at 12:45 for the first class

Price: $80 (scholarhsips are available)

Location: This class is taught at the Oregon Ki Society 12700 SW 68th Ave. Tigard, OR 97223

To register, or for more information, contact Scott at or (503) 327-9640.